4 Spring Looks With Kate Spade Ila Platform High Heels

April 13, 2013

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Planning to go floral this spring? Try out these new Kate Spade Ila Platform Shoes.

Just when everyone’s thinking – “will this winter ever end?” – along come a couple of warm, sunshiny days, and there’s no doubt about it. Spring can’t be stopped! Time to think seriously about your springtime wardrobe, head to toe, and all the great ways and places you can wear your new stuff. So from new earrings and hair clips, through tops and tanks and shirts and scarves and skirts and pants and leggings and crops…whew! But before anything else: shoes! To be precise, it’s time for some really great platform high heels to kick off the warm part of the year! The right shoes, as we all know, can be the inspiration that gets your whole wardrobe rolling.

Take a look at these beautiful sandals by gifted shoe designer Kate Spade, an artist who really understands what makes a woman look wonderful. These completely light-hearted floral print shoes have everything: a great shape with just-right proportions between the 1.5” platform and the 5.25” heel, a flattering sling / ankle strap, a graceful contour across the vamp and a peekaboo toe, and that joyful, flowery silk fabric, lively impressionistic yellow and green, blooming all over the shoe. (The equally enticing pink version suggests cherry blossoms to us, while the yellow is dogwood and daffodils.) The new Kate Spade Ila Platform Sandals look fabulous – and there are a lot of ways (and reasons) to wear them…

Family Picnic

A leisurely picnic with your family on a breezy, gorgeous weekend day. Reviving the picnic tradition is such a wonderful idea, and you get in the fresh-air spirit with a casual Empire top, with a ruffle or tucking here and there, over a longish, easy skirt – maybe denim, maybe asymmetric – in a neutral shade, with those flowering shoes picking up the color of the top.

Daytime Date

You’ve got a daytime date… something nice and afternoony, like maybe a gallery visit and a late lunch at an outdoor café. It’s far from formal, but it’s definitely a date! These statuesque shoes do superb things for your legs, so why hide them? A simple shift-type dress will look great, maybe with a relaxed chambray shirt over it, again picking up the colors in the sandals.

No mellow moments with Kate Spade Ila Platforms in yellow.

Brunch With The Girls

Sunday brunch with girlfriends. Adopt the leggings look, always so cool with women’s designer pumps: pair the predominant pink or yellow shoe shade with a pair of skinnies in a resonant self shade, slip on a drapey top – a textured sweater, a silky empire tunic – in a blending color, sling some bracelets on and your pastel bag over your shoulder – then off with the girls for food, drink, and some good clothes talk.

Spring Shopping

Remember about using shoes as a springboard for your wardrobe? These floral platform pumps have enormous character, and they’ll get you thinking creatively when you hit the stores. Wear them with something cute and easy to change from, like one of those little knife-pleat skirts, with a tee tucked in, and not too much in the way of accessories. You want to be a clean slate, and let your spring-flowered shoes give you colorful ideas.

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