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November 1, 2012

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In 2001, Dolce Vita came on the scene with a nonchalant attitude towards fashion that became some of the most popular footwear and clothing lines. These shoes are for the modern muse—they are effortless stylish, delightful, flirty and glamorous. Based out of Southern California, Dolce Vita are available in chic boutiques and major upscale retailers and stay one step ahead of the fashion trends. From biker boots to delicious pumps to casual sandals, these shoes are made from some of the best stuff on earth—high quality leather. You will always find Dolce Vita shoes in the hottest magazines and being gushed over and called a must-have by top fashion editors. Grab a pair or two and see how you can up your style quotient.

Dolce Vita Footwear for Sale

Mini Oxford Cheetah Suede

Halle Ankle Boot Black Leather

Bronx Loafer Tan Leather

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