Bad girls gone good, a phrase you don’t hear much. It’s always the reverse, when a good girl goes bad, she’s gone forever. But that just isn’t true; people grow and change. Even the roughest, toughest, baddest girl on the block stands a chance at a humanitarian award one day, especially if these ladies are any indicator.

Angelina Jolie and Stuart Weitzman Platswoon

Angelina was a spunky little thing growing up. By fourteen, she was pretty edgy with aspirations of directing funerals and a live-in boyfriend. She had a dark, depressed side too with self-harm, suicidal thoughts and drug abuse. As she grew older and began acting, she dating a man nearly two decades her senior and wore a vial of his blood. This is a far cry from the generous, glamorous we know today. Angelina has adopted children from around the world and she is known for her charity work and philanthropy. Some have gone so far as to call her a saint and while she hasn’t been canonized yet, she is certainly a reformed bad girl. Here, she looks like an angel in a shiny white dress and satin pumps similar to the Stuart Weitzman Platswoon. These glam Stuart Weitzman pumps prove white isn’t just for weddings anymore.

Madonna and Fiorentini +Baker 7040 Eternity

In the eighties and early nineties Madonna was quite the controversial figure. She was risque, overtly sexual and often times sac-religious. She was in and out of scandals and came out with naughty books. She was a grade-A bad girl, until her daughter Lourdes was born. She found religion, gave to charity and has started a mother/daughter fashion line with her spunky teen. Here she looks cute and casual in a layered look with boots similar to the Fiorentini+Baker 7040 Eternity. These Fiorentini+Baker boots are a perfect choice for a former bad girl.

Joan Jett and Converse All Star

Joan Jett was a tough, punk rocking chick who spit in the face of convention and gender roles. Her indie band made it big and she became an icon. She embraced her bad girl image with hits like “Bad Reputation” and “Notorious”. The gritty girl became a great woman though. She has worked with numerous charities, has served as an inspiration for woman and called a 9/11 benefit concert one of the greatest moments of her career. She’s still got an edgy look though! Here she looks ready to kick butt in some black skinnies, a leather jacket and what else but Converse All Stars. The versatile Converse are perfect for almost anyone, and we love the fun hi-top version for added flare.

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