Ballerina pic stirs up film buffs in Toronto

October 18, 2010

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This December marks the opening of the film Black Swan but stargazers attending this fall’s Toronto Film Festival were already on their toes to catch a glimpse of the film’s megastars as they posed for photographers. Black Swan is about a New York City ballerina (Natalie Portman), who lives with her invasive, ex-ballerina mother (Barbara Hershey). Film critics are thinking up all kinds of adjectives and punctuation marks to describe this riveting thriller, but we saved all our word gasps for the stars’ outfits and shoes. See what you think.

Can angel-faced Natalie Portman play a dance-obsessed ballerina in a thriller? The critics say absolutely, and they salute her performance. We salute her dress. That-blue and lilac swash is gorgeously suited for her expressively made up eyes and ballerina-trained legs. But she could have been less demure about her heels. We would have gone with Kate Spade’s gillie-laced Chad pumps in purple suede and leather for some genuine drama.

A never-boring Winona Ryder, who in the film plays an aging ballerina with a fast-fading spotlight, posed in an interesting black dress with a skirt length that successfully shifted focus from her ample arms avec tattoo to her still-sixteen ankles. We would have added another accent mark with an equally interesting shoe. We knew the perfect pair—these suede Pelle Moda Issa 2 peep-toe platform pumps with straps.

Looking very High Priestess of Talent, actress Barbara Hershey posed in a black dress with two design accents, jumping off the shoulders and off the hem. Hershey, who plays Natalie Portman’s-overbearing mother in the film, chose safely for shoes. Well, we would have preferred these audience-slaying Orli black satin pumps from Martinez Valero. The shoe’s beautiful rhinestone side ornament has a rich bow detail.

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