Be a Lady in Kate Spade Heels

October 17, 2012

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Dressing lady-like is sadly becoming something we don’t see too often anymore. We wonder why this is? Feeling girly and beautiful is a great way to boot self esteem and feel overall pretty. We are hoping to inspire those of you with a little bit of lady-like style left within you to unleash it with a little help from a girl we call Kate Spade.

Kate Spade Red Patent Pumps

Alexandra Richards

Zacara Red Patent Pump

Here is a woman who is wearing a lady like ensemble that fits the top of the charts. Alexandra Richards looks incredibly stunning in her champagne colored dress with a pair of red pumps. From her head to her toes she is looking fabulous, and we can easily draw inspiration from her look. To achieve her look, grab this pair of Kate Spade shoes and a similar dress.

Kate Spade Nude Pumps

Kristin Cavallari

Rae Ellen Platform Pump Taupe Patent

Kristin Cavallari show us here how to achieve a classy style that is still trendy and a little daring. Being a lady doesn’t mean you have to dress boringly, just being appropriate, poised, and not too revealing. She is seen here wearing a great fur vest and a tailored pair of jeans. Her nude heels add the perfect finishing touch. Find a pair like hers at Kate Spade.

Kate Spade Blue Suede Heels

Victoria Beckham

Immie Evening Pump Ink Navy Suede

Victoria Beckham is a great example of how to be the girly kind of lady-like. The shape of her dress is flouncy and structured to create a full and fun look. She pairs it with a great pair of blue suede heels that add a great pop of color. The print of the dress ties in with the shoes, creating a finished look. Kate Spade Immie heels  will always keep you looking like a lady, at least on your feet.

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