Beautifully Basic Tory Burch Flip Flops

March 8, 2012

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Flips flops are a comfy and casual wardrobe staple. They differ from other flat sandal styles as they are rarely dressed up, though they can be. Just to clarify, we’re talking about the basic Often super casual, flip flops are fun – they can be flirty and feminine, chic or sporty. They are a modern style staple that may not be high fashion, but they are certainly a must for summer lounging, relaxing on the beach or just taking it easy. We really love the Tory Burch line of flip flops, available in a variety of colors, patterns and styles. Each features a mini-emblem that adds flare and  keeps your feet from looking bland.

Kate Mara and Tory Burch Printed

Actress Kate Mara, heiress and older sister of “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” star, Rooney Mara, is spotted going for a stroll with her mom. She wears a flowy skirt with flips flops that match, similar to the  Tory Burch Printed.  We love the warm rust color of this  particular flip flop. Skirts and sandals like this  Tory Burch pair are a perfect choice for short walks on hot days and shopping for new clothes or shoes. They’re easy to get in and out of and the combo is effortless.

Ashley Tisdale and Tory Burch Printed

Former Disney Star, Ashley Tisdale, shows us another popular way to wear flip flops like the Tory Burch Printed – to the beach of course. Cute, casual flip flops like these Tory Burch sandals are perfect for pairing with swimwear as they are easy to slip on and off and easily glide through the sand. When you put your coverup on, you will still look sweet in some snazzy flip flops. Ashley currently has multiple projects in the works which she will be acting in, and even producing. It was recently confirmed that she will star in 2012 movie, “Jonah and the Whale”.

Lauren Conrad and Tory Burch Thin Enamel

Lauren Conrad, a best selling author, fashion designer and star of reality shows including  Laguna Beach and The Hills,  keeps it casual at the airport in skinny jeans a tan top paired with neutral toned flip flops similar to the khaki Tory Burch Thin Enamel pair. Nude flip flops like this Tory Burch sandal help to lengthen legs and the thinner straps add a more feminine flare. Lauren has interned with popular fashion magazine, Teen Vogue, and is currently on her third clothing line. An interesting tidbit – she won four Teen Choice Awards for choice reality star, each year from 2006 – 2009. She was nominated in 2010 but didn’t snag the award that year.

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