In the halloween spirit, we’re going to celebrate the fantastic fashion senses of women who share their names with fictional witches from modern movies and television shows. We know they’re not real witches, but every real witch we found put a hex on us! Let’s not even discuss how many pairs of shoes were mysteriously ruined this week. I guess we’ll need to re-stock our wardrobes with these fabulous celeb inspired styles.

Willow Smith and Sam Edelman Adena

Stand back, these shoes have spikes! Willow Smith wears spiked sneakers, suited for a run way much more than soccer play. Though Willow was likely not named after the Wiccan on Buffy the Vampire slayer, they certainly both have something super natural about them. Willow’s magic vs. Willow Smith’s magical style – who wins? Can’t decide, it’s alright, no one will bother you with spiky kicks like the Sam Edelman Adena slip-ons. These Sam Edelman loafers are rocker chic!

Alexandra Burke and Steve Madden Sarrina

British singer Alexandra Burke brightens off an all black ensemble with bold blue pumps, similar to the Steve Madden Sarrina. We love the beautiful blue of these truly high Steve Madden heels. You might be wondering, which witch is Alexandra? Alexandra Medford is a witch played by Cher in The Witches of Eastwick, a 1987 comedy/horror film.

Samantha Ronson and Converse Chuck Taylor’s

DJ Samantha Ronson keeps it casual in Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars. Converse is a classic brand seen on nearly every celeb at least once. These comfortable shoes are a wardrobe staple. Miss Samantha has the same moniker as one Samantha Stephens, the twitchy nosed star of sixties sitcom and modern movie “Bewitched”.

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