Birds Eye film event opens

March 9, 2011

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The Birds Eye View Film Festival opened in London yesterday. This is an annual festival of films by women filmmakers. We were most impressed just seeing arrivals. They were dressed acording to their inner muse rather than a glossy’s spread. The visual result was warm, natural and oh so perfectly suited for our shoe ideas. Curtains Up.

Did you think you could never wear your gym shorts to an opening night? If you can get it all together, then you are as creative as Lisa James-Larsson. Stuart Weitzman has a follow-your-muse shoe that fits her look. This is the  Stuart Weitzman  Faceup Sandal Botanical Plum Snake Print.

Miriam D’Abo is a natural beauty with a natural flair for lived-in clothes with style.  Minnetonka Moccasin thrives on fashionistas who need knockabout boots that have personality. This is so right for Miriam; it’s the Minnetonka Moccasin  Tramper Grey Suede.

Rachel Millward attends opening night looking like a gold-star artiste in this dual-tone dress with a lovely shimmery effect. Cynthia Vincent is a shoe name to follow for gold-star design as well. Rachel’s dress  has a perfect mate in the Cynthia Vincent  Ramsay Tan Suede/Gold Leather.

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