Child and adult stars alike came out to the Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards in bright shoes, dresses and more. Vibrant colors are fun, youthful and playful. They can be chic and sophisticated or casually cool, but they are a great choice for a lively event. Older stars (the practically ancient twenty-somethings) wore gorgeous green gowns and beautiful blue blouses. Since it was the Kids Choice Awards and since young stars are not only stylish but great indicators of future trends we’re going to write about the teen/tween crown and their bright fashions. Check them out below.

Miranda Cosgrove and Kate Spade Kirkland

Eighteen year old Miranda Cosgrove got her start in movies including “School of Rock” and then made it big with the Nickelodeon hit, ICarly. She first had a supporting role on the show Drake and Josh before moving onto her starring role. She wears a bright blue leather dress,  combining two trends, brights and leather. The fun color tones the dress and makes it more age appropriate. She pairs the dress with leather ankle boots similar to the Kate Spade Kirkland. These Kate Spade heels are a similar style and shape with an added chain and bow.

Selena Gomez and Steve Madden Beautey

Disney Star Selena Gomez wears a revealing two piece that’s a little risque but still very trendy now. Cropped tops are in for both teens and twenty somethings. They are most often paired with high waist pants, shorts or skirts like Selena’s. She adds some color to her neutral look with pink pumps similar to the Steve Madden Beautey. These hot Steve Madden heels are pretty and playful. Nineteen year old Selena has been a U.N. goodwill ambassador for four years, is the lead singer in Selena and The Scene and has starred in numerous teen flicks.

Willow Shields and Tory Burch Eddie

Eleven year old actress Willow Shields, best known for her role as  the sweet and innocent Primrose Everdeen in “The Hunger Games” wears and adorable age appropriate look to the awards. She pairs a black a-line skirt with a avian (bird) print with a bold pink tank top and silver flats similar to the Tory Burch Eddie. Metallic flats like this Tory Burch pair are a great dressy option for younger and older individuals alike. Willow’s avian print skirt by Marc Jacobs is very on trend. The style is just starting up now but will be big by the end of Spring.

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