Sometimes we think of our neighbor to the north as America part two. Admittedly, there are similarities between the U.S and Canada, but there are many differences, like socialized healthcare for starters. There’s also a rich French history in parts of the country and ties to Britain that the U.S. lacks. We’re sure imports and exports differ as well, but if one thing is for certain, we are glad Canada exported these stylish stars to U.S. screens both big and small.

Emmanuelle Chriqui and Michael Kors Berkley

Montreal born Emmanuelle has lived all over Canada including Toronto and Vancouver. She is the daughter of Moroccan Jewish immigrants and has family in Israel. She’s starred on HBO series “Entourage” and in Adam Sandler flick “You Don’t Mess With The Zohan”. She was Adam’s love interest in the cute comedy. Here, at the “Entourage” season 7 premiere, she wears a great cape cocktail dress paired with tri-strap sandals, similar tot the Michael Kors Berkley. Her straps have bows, these Michael Kors heels have an edgier look.

Elisha Cuthbert and Kate Spade Karolina

Elisha hails from Calgary, Canada and got her start hosting children’s t.v. show “Popular Mechanics For Kids”. She was a regular on “Are You Afraid of The Dark” and was also a child model and interestingly, a foot model. At 17 she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career further. You’d probably know her from hit show “24″ or one of her many movies including “The Girl Next Door”. Here she sports and all black ensemble with a silky blazer and basic black pumps similar to the  Kate Spade Karolina. These chic Kate Spade pumps are great for evening events.

Kristin Kreuk and Ash Jalouse

Kristin Kreuk is seen at LAX airport in a casual look with a brown leather jacket and country style black ankle boots similar to the Ash Jalouse. These distressed Ash suede boots are a little bit country and a little bit rock n’ roll.  Kristin was born in Vancouver and stumbled upon acting when a new t.v. show, “Edgemont” scouted at her school. Though she had no acting experience, she scored a role and went on to star in “Smallville” and “Street Fighter”. She’s also Neutrogena’s longest running spokeswoman.

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