Celebs Are People Too

January 4, 2013

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Sometimes people idolize celebrities, and believe they are above every day things. Though it may surprise you, stars are people too. Celebrities walk their dogs, go to the doctor, go grocery shopping, make their own food and do other normal things. Even though they may have fantastic lives filled with private jets and personal jets, every now and then they do the same stuff we do and they wear what we do too!

Golden Accented Flip Flops

Malin Ackerman

Tory Burch Elisha

Here actress Malin Ackerman shows off her little baby bump while on her way to a shopping trip at American Apparel. She rocks an ultra casual ensemble on a warm fall day including cutoff shorts, shades, a black tank and flip flops similar to the Tory Burch Elisha. These standout sandals are one of Tory Burch’s newest to hit our shop and they are absolutely glamorous with their golden emblem accent.

Embellished Flip Flops

Emma Roberts

Tory Burch Thin Enamel

Actress Emma Roberts is seen here feeding a meter before feeding herself. No valet today, she parked her own car, and get this – she’s picking up some takeout for lunch in Beverly Hills. The girl can multitask – she’s holding her phone with her face. Maybe the over sized shades help. She also wears a slightly slouchy, striped long sleeve tee, cutoff shorts and casual sandals similar to the Tory Burch Thin Enamel. These Tory Burch flip flops are simple but not boring. The golden emblem adds some flare.

Printed Flip Flops

Miley Cyrus

Tory Burch Printed

Here Miley Cyrus is spotted in an athletic ensemble after hitting the gym wearing flip flops like the Tory Burch Printed. These pretty printed Tory Burch flip flops add a bit of fun and flare to a basic workout look like Miley’s tights and tank combo. These flip flops are simple yet fun. There is no reason why basic needs to be boring as Tory Burch shows with her playful pattern and embellished logo.

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