Chic Flats to End Summer On A High Note

August 10, 2012

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Although summer is sadly coming to a close sooner than we may have noticed, there is still some time to wear your favorite hot weather shoes, or better yet, find a new pair to end the season on a high style note. Tory Burch offers some of the most simple and chic ways to look great and feel comfortable with every personal style in mind. From flats to flip flops to sandals, there is always something chic about a girl who can pull off looking glamorous without a heel. Check out how some of these celebrities do it best.

Tory Burch Black Leather Ballet Flats

Victoria Beckham

Eddie Ballet Flat Black Leather

When you’re a woman on the run like Victoria Beckham, sometimes flats are the most practical option to get you though a long and busy day. Although she is someone we usually see in heels, these easy to wear Tory Burch Eddie Ballet Flat Black Leather shoes will prove that sometimes your toes can be spared of pain for the day. Wear these with a stylish dress for summer and as fall sneaks up on us, translate them into your colder weather looks for use in both seasons. Tory Burch is amazing for turning comfort into glamour. Having any doubts? Take another look at Victoria. Perfection.

Tory Burch Gold Leather Flats

Lauren Conrad

Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flat Gold Leather

Another perfect time to wear a great summer flat is to an event outdoors. Just like Lauren Conrad, you can look cute and be comfortable while standing all day and never worry about pain, or even worse, getting your heels stuck in the grass or stumbling in your wedges on the uneven surfaces. These Tory Burch Reva Vallet Flats in Gold Leather are not only a hot trend this season, but a strong enough style to stand up to a bold outfit. Dress them up or down and wear them for both day and night- the perfect flat all around. See more amazing styles here.

Tory Burch Black Patent Sandals

Erin Andrews

Tory Burch Miller Black Patent

Erin Andrews is one to always be in the eye of the public and one to obviously know how to look stylish when running around in the warm weather. She was spotted wearing the amazingly easy and chic Tory Burch Miller Black Patent sandals while out and about, looking great as always. Take an example from her and wear these shoes with anything from a dress to jeans to leggings. You can’t go wrong with black patent leather, and when paired with a cute summer outfit you will be looking great and your feet will be feeling cool and comfortable.

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