Comfy Sandals from Bernie Mev – Halle, Catwalk & Lulia

April 22, 2013

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With spring upon us and summer quickly approaching, we will undoubtedly need a comfortable casual sandal to get us through our weekend ventures – whether running errands or spending the day at the soccer field. Comfy sandals from Bernie Mev are up for the task of keeping you comfortable and stylish, offered in both bright colors and neutrals.

Diane Kruger shows us how to wear Bernie Mev sandals as they are great options with boyfriend jeans and casual tee and cardigan.

Above, Diane Kruger looks put together yet casual for her weekend grocery trip.  Her boyfriend jeans, casual tee and loose cardigan would easily work with the below Bernie Mev sandals.

Wedge Sandal Sneaker

The Bernie Mev Halle Wedge Sneaker will become a go-to for all of your weekend wear.

The Bernie Mev Halle Wedge is a great option for your casual days spent running errands or at the park.  With an athletic inspired vibe, these would be a great option with running-leggings and a casual tee. The kaleidoscope of blue and green tones woven together yield an almost painterly effect, blended together in a casual yet chic way.  The cushioned footbed will be much appreciated for long days spent on your feet that seemingly never end.  Bernie Mev comfi sandals are just-right for the warm weather season. 

Bright Summer Flats

Bernie Mev Catwalk Ballet Flats are colorful options to get through your day keeping you comfortable while looking chic.

With an array of bright colors woven together to create a fun look, the Bernie Mev Catwalk Multicolor Flat is a cute option for summer. Providing ultimate comfort, you can not only step through your day with ease in these flats, but will be kept looking put together as well.  Comfort doesn’t have to be traded for chicness during your day or weekend activities.  Bernie Mev Catwalk shoes provide just-right options easily meeting style and comfort needs.

Closed Toe Wedge Sandals

The all black Bernie Mev Catwalk Lulia Wedge Sneaker works with a array of your summer outfits.

When out and about in the early morning and fresh dew is still on the ground, a closed toe sandal will prove to be a summer favorite.  The Bernie Mev Lulia Black wedge sneaker is a great option for those early mornings, but the stretch fabric is breathable, allowing comfort when the day starts to heat up.  Pairing well with loose fitting boyfriend jeans and a tee, these are another cute option with leggings as well. Bernie Mev casual lifestyle shoes easily couple with your summer outfits allowing you to comfortably get through your day while remaining cute and casual.

Easily meeting all of your comfort needs, Bernie Mev sandals provide great options to remain put-together for all of your weekday or weekend looks.  The woven fabric Bernie Mev uses, stretches to conform to the wearer’s foot and is breathable to keep your feet as cool as possible in the summer heat.  Whether running errands, watching your kids at the park or on the field, or simply out enjoying the weather on a spring or summer walk, Bernie Mev has the comfortable options you’re looking for.

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