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December 30, 2012

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Navigating through wet conditions can be a difficult task when trying to remain as chic as possible.  After all, how put together can we appear in rain boots?  If you think “not very,” you need to introduce yourself to Hunter Boots immediately!  Their basic boots omit crazy patterns and opt for clean designs in both neutrals and brights, each of which keeps the water at bay while keeping you  polished and looking like the smart dresser you are (or always wanted to be).  Below are a few of their many hot styles available at Jildor Shoes:

Textured Rain Boots

Rachel Bilson

Hunter Boots Regent Savoy

A textured rain boot adds such a rich quality to your garb when trying to combat the elements.  Rachel Bilson pairs a similar pair of Hunter Boots with jeans, coat and scarf for a casual look.  For a more dressed up appearance, pair these Hunter Boots Regent Savoy Rain Boots with dark skinny jeans or leggings and a slim-fit sweater or button down.

Hunter Green Rain Boots

Liv Tyler

Original Hunter Green Wellington Rain Boot

Bare the elements in style with these Original Hunter Green Wellington Rain BootsHunter green boots become a perfect neutral with their matte finish which easily pairs well with other rich tones such as navy or cranberry and of course, other neutrals like white, black or brown.  Liv Tyler steps out with her Hunter Boots and a poncho helping to keep the rain at bay.

Glossy Rain Boots

Reese Witherspoon

Hunter Boots Original Glossy Rain Boot

Think you can’t be dressed up while wearing rain boots?  Don’t tell Reese Witherspoon!  The always beaming actress is adorable in these Hunter Boots Original Glossy Rain Boots!  With a lace dress and blazer she absolutely rocks this look.  As shown, glossy rain boots can keep you glam and Jildor also offers short boot and ankle boot glossy styles by Hunter as well.

Hunter Boots offer such an endless way of chic opportunities to stay completely put together despite what Mother Nature might be throwing your way.  In neutrals as well as brights and with various heights, Jildor offers a Hunter Boot for everyone no matter what you are searching for!

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