Easy Boots For The Summer Heat

June 29, 2012

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The weather of summer is as fickle as can be lately and surviving the heat can be a momentous task. Flip-flops or just plain bare feet seem to be the only option to keep your feet from melting through your soles, but if you’re a sartorial warrior and can brave a few blisters or stinky toes, more power to you. Boots in the summer may seem completely ridiculous, but here us out. A pair of booties with a summer dress on a cool night or some motorcycle boots with cutoffs is downright inspiring. Don’t get us wrong; it’s not for the weak-hearted (or the easily overheated) so take some tips from these celebs that can stand the extra coverage.

Coco Rocha and Fioretini and Baker Eli Luggage Leather Boot

Coco Rocha excels in the off-duty model look, because well, when she’s not working, she’s an off-duty model! Effortless and still fashionable in a floral printed sundress and moto boots, she makes summer dressing look easy. While boots, especially in the summer, can look heavy and tough, pairing them with an easy and girly sundress balances things out. A great leather boot regardless of the season should be a staple in any wardrobe and Fioretini and Baker have created just that. The Eli Luggage Leather Boot is soft but durable leather moto-inspired boot with personality as much as brawn.

Kate Bosworth and Ash Jalouse Ankle Boot

Killer-cool actress Kate Bosworth is the queen of Cali style, all beach bum and relaxed fit. But when she needs to turn up the sartorial volume, she knows how to take an easy-breezy outfit a conversation starter. A mix of monotone gray’s and a great ankle bootie is a perfect laid-back outfit for this starlet and you should follow suit. Booties aren’t hard to pair with outfits when you have a great neutral color. The Ash brand is great at creating chic but practically basics for the everyday woman and these booties are no different. The Jalouse Ankle Boot has just the right about of heel and a great wear-and-tear distressed look to them that will make them look like your old best friends even if you just bought them

Chloe Sevigny and Jeffrey Campbell Mattie Boot

High fashion and Hollywood is a mixture that usually has a fantastic outcome. Matriarch of this creative concoction is easily the kooky but endearing Chloe Sevigny. Her affinity to unique and personal items is matched with a bold striped and fringed skirt and a great pair of lace up boots. The lace up boot, while vintage inspired and practically chameleon-like, is an easy way to add toughness to an outfit without looking like a biker chick. Jeffrey Campbell is the brand that his bridged the gap between badass and graceful with a hint of punk attitude. The Mattie Boot, while simple in its construction is a brushed bronze leather which adds a whole other dimension of cool.

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