Many celebrities experiment with edgy fashion choices while others live and breathe edgy fashion. From super high stilettos to mesh jumpsuits and meat dresses, these stars certainly do. They don’t just take fashion risks, they are fashion risks, but it always get them noticed. The media always wonders just what they’ll be wearing next. You’ve probably seen some pretty crazy ensembles on these celebrities but it usually pays off, and in fact, it’s almost expected of them to be outrageous. You may have guessed at least one celeb on this list, but here they are.

Lady Gaga and Stuart Weitzman Platswoon

Here Lady Gaga looks a little chilling at the ACE Awards in a Marc Jacobs ensemble with a veil-like lace headpiece. It seems to be lingerie covered in black soot and white ash. It may be seen by some as strange, but it sure hands out. To snag a similar look, pick up some white pumps like the Stuart Weitzman Platswoon and dip them in dark chalk or paint. These Stuart Weitzman heels can easily be gagafied with just a little dye. Fun fact: Lady Gaga got her start as a songwriter. She didn’t make it big until singer/rapper Akon signed her to his label.

Nicki Minaj and Ash Bowie

Yes, sneaker inspired wedges like the Ash Bowie are very on trend right now. However, being paired with an over the top ensemble doesn’t do them justice. These bold, bright Ash wedges work well with denim of all sorts and cotton/cotton blend day dresses. These shoes are (in more ways than one) a big step up from a standard sneaker. They add height like your average stiletto but keep it casual and have a great grip. The shoes are fun and flashy without being too wild and they’re available in a vibrant orange and toned down clay as well.

Rihanna and Kate Spade Davie

Rihanna attends the 2011 Brit Awards in a candy colored dress. Color is a great thing, but there is such a thing as too much and this dress can overwhelm. This isn’t one of her oddest ensembles, it’s actually quite pretty, but it is edgy. The floral bodice is quite lovely but gets wild with the neon skirt and bow. She makes a great choice with her bright blue shoes, similar to the Diane Von Furstenberg Alice though, anyone can wear them. Bright shoes are fun and playful but they should not be paired with too much existing color. These Diane Von Furstenberg shockingly hued shoes have the perfect heel and a fabulous snake print detail on the heel.

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