Elevate Your Mood With The Right Shoes

June 29, 2009

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There is no doubt that the right pair of shoes can make a difference to your mood. Like any article of clothing, accessory, hairstyle or cosmetics, shoes help complete the look you want to achieve. We all understand how getting the details right can make us feel better about ourselves, give us confidence and even boundless amounts of energy. So how do you go about choosing the pair of shoes that will make you happy?

Here are some scenarios to get you thinking:

Turn Some Heads

Woman in black dress

Going to a party that is calling out to you to wear your little black dress? You know you are going to get some attention – whether you like it or not – when you walk through the door. So why not look your best with a pair of shoes like your favorite stilettos or fierce gladiators? Gladiators like the Stuart Weitzman Gladly Black Patent will give you all the height you want while making a bold fashion statement. You will quickly feel a lot better when you get looks of approval from men and jealous stares from women.

Keep Standing

Brown Reva ballet flat

When you have to be on your feet for a long time, ballet flats like the Tory Burch leather ballet flat can be a godsend. You can feel good knowing that your feet won’t start to hurt while you’re talking to a cute guy, or making the rounds with all the important people in your life. What makes a girl happier than getting to talk to all of her friends and find a new crush – without fatigued feet?

Make A Splash

Yellow Jack Roger Navajo

If you’re somewhere warm right now – get yourself to a pool immediately. Whether you’re tanning or sipping a frosty beverage with an umbrella sticking out of it, the poolside is irrefutably one of the most relaxing places to be. You’ll make yourself even happier with some brightly colored and comfortable flip flops that you can slip on and off, like a Juicy Couture Frankie Off White Patent. Say ‘fashion maven‘ and ‘life of leisure‘ all at once, and you may catch yourself smiling.

Heel Kickers

Black Niki Crocco

Sometimes you don’t need an occasion to be in a good mood. Whether you’re going down to the store or picking up some fresh flowers for home, making yourself look nice can be enlivening. You never know whom you might meet or what might happen. A pair of Michael Kors Niki Black Croccos, for example will not only put a spring in your step – the attention you may get may event make you want to jump and kick up your heels. Just make sure to keep it on the inside.

Pamper Yourself

Beverly Feldman Bordeaux Multi Fabric

Sometimes all you need is to feel comfortable. Had a long day at work? Danced too much and your feet are hurting? Just got off the redeye and feel like a mess? A beautiful pair of shoes that also pampers your feet can make you feel better any day. Whether that’s a ballet flat or sandals, make sure to always have a comfy pair of shoes handy. If comfort needs to wait until you’re home, why not have a nice pair of UGG Dakota Suede moccasin style slippers ready for your toes after a warm footbath? You definitely can’t go wrong when you envelop your feet in soft materials like plush fleece.

Basically, what it comes down to is staying focused on finding happiness. Think about the mood you want to be in. Coordinate your outfit. Prepare for the occasion. And don’t forget to treat yourself. In fact, isn’t it about time you were thinking about a new pair of shoes right now?

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