Some stars seem timeless, as if they never age. Others get even more beautiful as the years go by. Is it makeup, good stylists, expensive beauty products or hard work and great eating habits that help these celebs look so fabulous? The world may never know. Money can buy beauty and plenty of plastic surgery, but these stars seem naturally gorgeous in their thirties and forties. They claim not to have any work done, and we believe them. It must be those vitamins, minerals and retinol. Here are some of the most stylish, young looking stars.

Charlize Theron and Michael Kors Josie

Gorgeous South African actress Charlize Theron still looks amazing at 36. She is simply stunning and doesn’t look a day over 30. Here she wears a sparkly, strapless dress to the premiere of “Prometheus” premiere in London. She pairs the scandalous split with sexy sandals similar to the Michael Kors Josie. These patent Michael Kors sandals are just as timeless as Charlize and will look great on individuals of almost any age. It is a classic, glamorous shoe that makes a great addition to any wardrobe.  Charlize is a single mom who recently adopted a son, Jackson. She’s won many movie awards, especially for the drama “Monster”.

Jennifer Lopez and Ash Cindy

The always chic Jennifer Lopez is the  mother of four year old twins Max and Emme with former husband, Marc Anthony. She has several fashion lines and fragrances and is known for her style savvy. She has been on many best dressed lists and some of her looks are now iconic. Here she’s seen just hanging out on the set of one of her films in a great green dress that looks soft and super comfy paired with brown platform pumps similar to the Ash Cindy. These great Ash sandals are versatile with a bohemian flare and will pair well with many pieces including maxi dresses and crisp white structured shorts. We refuse to believe this glowing star is actually 42. It’s no surprise she was able to snag a hot young boyfriend.

Eva Mendes and Tory Burch Fabian

The lovely Eva Mendes is spotted here enjoying the Southern California weather in wedges, similar to the Tory Burch Fabian, and a sweet sundress. These Tory Burch wedges pair well  with sundresses, skirts, skinny jeans and more. The gorgeous Eva was born in March of 1974  making her 38 years old! The Cuban-American actress got her start in music videos, after she gave up her childhood aspiration of becoming a nun! She has since been in many movies including “Fast Five” and “Hitch”. Though at 38, she could technically have a teenager, she’s always cast in sexy roles and is dating hunky Ryan Gosling – 7 years her junior.

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