Forty and Fabulous

January 19, 2012

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Forty is the new twenty, really! See, there are just so many beautiful, glamorous, young looking stars that are going to be forty this year, it makes forty seem really cool. If you take care of your self, eat right and exercise, forty doesn’t have to be old. You don’t need to wear sweater sets and “middle age” clothes, just keep it classy and be confident. In fact, some of you youngsters out there could learn a thing or two from seasoned fashion veterans. The following celebs prove forty truly can be fabulous and fashionable too. And remember, whether you’re fourteen or forty, you can still rock sassy shoes.

Cameron Diaz and Tory Burch Elastic

Cutie Cameron Diaz keeps it casually chic in a funky fedora and white platform pumps similar to the Tory Burch Elastic. These warm-weather Tory Burch shoes would look fantastic with cuffed denim like Cameron’s and a variety of other daytime looks. Cameron turns forty this August after nearly two decades on the big screen that all started with “The Mask”.  She’s still just as gorgeous, spunky and hilarious today as she was then – props to Cam!

Rebecca Romijn and Kate Spade Simon

If we had to describe Rebecca Romijn in one word, we’d go with flawless. The actress and mother of two turns forty this fall, but she’s still stunning. She looks beautiful in a blue single sleeve wrap dress paired with mid-heel gold pumps, similar to the Kate Spade Simon. These snake print Kate Spade shoes are embellished with a buckle detail and are sure to keep you comfy while adding flare. Rebecca had a successful decade long modeling career before getting into acting, but we think she could still model today.

Gabrielle Union and Kate Spade Get

The always gorgeous Gabrielle Union could practically pass for a teen. It’s no surprise she was able to snag basketball star Dwayne Wade, ten years her junior. Still starring in films at forty, she’s spotted at a summer press party in Pasadena, CA. She wears a dress in super style shade, tangerine, and pairs it with strappy sandals similar to the Kate Spade Get. These Kate Spade pumps are timeless evening shoes that you can wear at any age.

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