Four Ways To Find A Comfortable Pair of Shoes

June 18, 2009

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For many of us, shoes are a passion. We love to find them and buy them, but more than anything we want to enjoy wearing them as much as we possibly can. If you have a lifestyle that keeps you on your feet most of the day or simply love really comfortable shoes, here are four secrets for finding footwear you will never want to kick off.

  1. Know your feet

    You would be surprised at how many of us try to buy shoes for someone else’s feet. When you go shoe shopping, keep an eye out for shoes that not only look great but also fit the shape of your foot. For example, if you have wide feet you will typically be uncomfortable in any slim and pointed toe pump and if you have high arches you may want to stay away from narrow, pull-on shoes or any shoes that don’t make much room for your arch height and shape. Whether you like your feet or not, they are the key to your overall comfort. By knowing your feet before you set out to find your next pair of perfect shoes, you will also know the right shapes and styles to keep them happy.

  2. Always try them on first

    try out shoeFinding shoes that really fit us sounds more obvious that it really is. Many of us actually buy the wrong size shoe because we follow the size charts blindly, ignoring the fact that each shoe brand, style and even pair, are unique. After you pick out a pair of shoes that match with your foot shape, always try them on for size and comfort. Make sure the toe box fits comfortably, that your arches get the support they need and remember not to squeeze into a size or shape that does not work in the first place. A good rule is to try shoes until you find a size and style that lends itself well to your foot’s natural position and where your toes can move around a bit inside. Also, try on both shoes in a pair and always buy for the larger foot (yes, your feet may be slightly different sizes – it’s normal).

  3. Buy the right brands

    With so many stunning shoe labels out there, it can be difficult to know which collections to consider if you want really comfortable shoes. A good rule is to do your research, and see which are the true comfort brands out there. To most of us, Birkenstock Sandals and Juicy Couture shoes are natural summer favorites when it comes to flat and open shoes, and to many, Dansko Clogs are a real treat in our busy everyday lives.

    Birkenstock Sandal Logo

    But if you really want high heels or on-trend fashion shapes in uncompromisingly comfortable designs, Thierry Rabotin is a designer who strikes the perfect balance. Comfort shoes do not come much better than this; with everything from sculpted heels to full leather lining, these stunning fashion statements will add a whole new kind of bounce to your step. Thierry Rabotin shoes are available in a variety of great looks; just imagine wearing striking snakeskin pumps or metallic leather flats that feel like the finest comfort shoes for women you have ever slipped into. There are many more great brands that make exquisitely comfortable shoes, and by doing some research you will find them.

  4. Never settle

    Whatever you do when you shop for shoes, never settle for anything less than the comfort you seek. The right shoes for your kind of feet do not ever ask you or your feet to compromise on how you feel when you are on the go.

No matter what kind of lifestyle you lead, your feet deserve to feel good all day long. By knowing your feet, trying on shoes for the best fit, choosing the right brands and never settling for anything less than comfort perfection, you’ll enjoy every step you take throughout your day.

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