You’ve seen our designer shoes but have you learned about the shoe designers yet? Read on and find out some interesting facts about our top 10 designers.

1. Before he was your favorite designer Michael Kors starred in a Lucky Charms commercial at the age of 4. [click to tweet]

Michael Kors shoes are always chic, classy, and elegant - just like these Jalita Charm Platform sandals.

A lover of theater, Michael Kors once spent his time in acting classes before he went back to his path in fashion.

“But I looked around my acting classes. And I thought to myself, ‘This isn’t gonna work…I’m gonna end up waiting tables.’”

Once the program was over, he dropped acting and began studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology. He dropped out 9 months later and caught his big break designing at a small boutique in the city.

2. Before Tory Burch spread her own fashionable wings, she worked for Vera Wang, Harper’s Bazaar, and Ralph Lauren. [click to tweet]

These Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flats represent what the brand is all about - comfortable and trendy women's footwear.

One of today’s top designers, Tory Burch, has always been a perfect powerhouse of classic style that has always been popular. Within the first year of the designer’s launch, she was featured on Oprah as an up-and-coming talent. Before becoming the household name she is, she worked as the director of public relations and advertising from 1995 to 1999 for Vera Wang and an assistant at Harper’s Bazaar.

3. Marc Jacobs has over 33 tattoos, two of which are caricatures of the designer himself! [click to tweet]

Marc Jacobs personality is often reflected in his shoes - bold and classy.

With risqué advertising and products that are out of this world, it’s no surprise that Marc Jacobs’s own style is as unique as his brand. His best accessories are his tattoos. After the designer was featured as Eric Cartman’s “Muscle Man Marc” doll on South Park, he got his look alike tattooed on his right arm. In addition Jacobs also has himself “Simpsonized” on his left arm after Matt Groening, the show’s creator, drew up the designer for an issue of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine.

4. An avid lover of dogs, designer Valentino owns 6 pugs: Milton, Monty, Maude, Margot, Maggie, and Molly [click to tweet]

Valentino - forever sexy.

Valentino Garavani isn’t just interested in fashion. The designer has a serious love of pugs. The pugs are reported to go wherever their fashionable owner goes, with their own butler!

“I don’t care about the collection. My dogs are much more important.”

5. Kate Spade’s brother in law is none other than famous comedian David Spade! [click to tweet]

Kate Spade Shoes - Practical, chic, and trendy.

Famous designer, Kate Spade, studied journalism before she became interested in fashion. The former senior editor and head of accessories for Mademoiselle magazine left her position to create the perfectly practically and sophisticated styles she couldn’t seem to find anywhere. Her new brand gained publicity from being frequently featured on David Spade’s sitcom “Just Shoot Me”.

6. Jimmy Choo was originally born Jimmy Chow, but his name was misspelled on his birth certificate and never corrected [click to tweet]

Jimmy Choo shoes are always stylish and edgy, especially with these Gaya Gold Flat Espadrilles.

The Malaysian designer comes from a family of shoemakers. His family name was originally “Chow” but a misspelling on his birth certificate led to his current household name.  Jimmy Choo gained a degree at the now London College of Fashion at the University of the Arts London and owes his spotlight to one of his most famous clients, Princess Diana.

7. Steve Madden opted out of college and took a job in sales at Jildor before making it big with his own shoe collection! [click to tweet]

Steve Madden's success is rooted in his love for fashionable shoes that are current and easy to wear.

A name most often associated with chic shoes, Steve Madden once worked for none other than Jildor after he dropped out of college to pursue a career in something he cared more about: shoes. His former boss recalls the now designer as “one of the most natural-born salesmen I’ve ever seen. He could sell anything to anybody.”

8. Stuart Weiztman and Beyonce have continuously collaborated together to create chic performance shoes for the singer. [click to tweet]

Stuart Weitzman shoes are fashion forward and will never go out of style.

A designer of high end shoes, Stuart Wieztman’s fans come in all forms. He most famously designs performance shoes for singer Beyonce and has recently been awarded The Lifetime Achievement Award. The ceremony held at The MOMA in New York City, featured a special video tribute from the singer herself in honor of Weiztman and their work together.

9. Diane Von Furstenberg previously held the title of “Princess” before divorcing Prince Egon of Furstenberg in 1972. [click to tweet]

DVF shoes are TDF!

The designer of the iconic wrap dress, Diane Von Furstenberg, once held the title of “Princess.” Divorced from her once Prince Charming in 1972, she launched her fashion house and kept the family name. The former couple had two children, Alexander and Tatiana (both of whom still hold their royal titles).

10. Giuseppe Zanotti worked as a DJ in the 80s before making it big as a shoe designer. [click to tweet]

Nothing says "bold" like the luxurious Guiseppe Zanotti D'Orsay Pump.

The famous shoe designer, Giuseppe Zanotti, once worked as a DJ in nightclubs in the 1980s. The next decade, he traded in his turntables for a his love of fashion. He has since been nominated for “Designer of the Year” three times and won the “Prix d’Excellence de la Mode” by Marie Claire International for his fantastic footwear collection.

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