Many of you have probably heard of hit CW show “Gossip Girl” if you haven’t watched it, but you might not know what it’s about. Here the deal: the show, currently in it’s fifth season, revolves around the drama and gossip surrounding the lives of rich teens on the posh Upper East Side. They go to prep school and they’re all super stylish and just so fabulous. The shows stars are pretty fabulous too and they have a wide range of real life styles. In honor of Gossips Girl’s collaboration with monthly beauty box service, Birch Box, for a special Gossip Girl approved box, we’re showing off the stars styles.

Kristen Bell and Roberto Festa Sara

Actress Kristen Bell voices “Gossip Girl”, the ever present blogger who knows all the dirt but no one knows who she is. She’s truly a mystery and so, her character is never seen on the show. It’s an interesting concept to have an unseen third party play a significant role, but it has been done before and works well for this show. Kristen looks great in a glitzy menswear inspired evening look with a blazer, sparkly top, bold pink pants and black pointy pumps similar to the Roberto Festa Sara. These hot Roberto Festa heels are just the right height and are perfect for day or night.

Blake Lively and Diane Von Furstenberg Bang

Blake Lively plays one of Gossips Girl’s lead roles – shipping heiress Serena van der Woodson. Her dad heads the company which has been in the family for years. Her mom is a socialite. She is pretty, perky, popular and seems to have it all including great style. Blake has great style too and rocks a blue leather skirt which highlights her gorgeous gams. She pairs the skirt with a printed top and bold pumps similar to the Diane Von Furstenberg Bang. Her yellow pumps are perfect for her outfit but the fiery orange of these Diane Von Furstenberg pumps seems to be the color of the season.

Taylor Momsen and Fiorentini+Baker 7040 Eternity

Taylor Momsen plays Jenny Humphrey – she longs to be popular but she’s not quite as preppy as the other girls. Taylor plays the role well as she isn’t too preppy herself. The actress and rocker (of the band “The Pretty Reckless) has a very edgy vibe and often is seen wearing loads of eye makeup and no pants. This  ripped jeans and t-shirt look paired with biker style boots similar to the Fiorentini+Baker 7040 Eternity is one of her more wearable ensemble. We love the tough vibe of these triple buckle Fiorenini+Baker boots.

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