If you are an acclaimed Gossip Girl fan, that doesn’t mean you are necessarily watching the show for the dramatic story lines but for one of three reasons. A) To watch great B-roll footage of New York City sights each time a scene starts. B) To watch the irrationality of Blair Waldorf’s obsession with sabotaging other people’s lives. Or C) To watch the master mind stylist behind all the impeccable stylized ensembles the characters are outfitted in.  Of course option C is the real reason why we religiously tune into Gossip Girl every Monday evening. The peak of the night is without doubt to see what looks these elite, sophisticated Manhattanites will be wearing.

The upcoming season premiere of GG is currently being filmed in Paris, and the paparazzi were ready for them, busily snapping photographs while scenes were being shot in the city of love.  Serena is wearing a gorgeous little emerald green chiffon number paired off with jewel tone sandals to compliment her look.

We think these Jack Rogers Zsa Zsa silver metallic jewel sandals will also look irresistible with this outfit.

Eric Daman is the brilliant genius behind the costume designing for each cast members wardrobe. Each immaculate outfit we viewers see is cleverly thought out and executed. Serena’s legs go on for days in the photo above and her romper is mighty short seeing she had to use her metallic studded clutch to cover herself!

We Love how she is working it in her strappy heeled gladiators, and we think these Tory Burch Geoff gladiator khaki sandals would look equally as hot with this outfit.

While we are not naïve enough to even consider Blair and Serena caught in a basic flip flop let alone pairing it with one of their gorgeous evening wear outfits, we would definitely be seen by the beach wearing these ultra comfy and classic Havaianas with crystal heart detail.

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