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February 8, 2012

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Hipster – a young, middle class group of urban adults and older teenagers with musical interests mainly in alternative rock. We see them quite often in cities like New York and L.A. and we recognize the edgy, effortless look associated with the style.  Part eclectic, part retro and part cutting edge, today we celebrate the look with celebs who exemplify the style.

Katie Waissel and Giraffe Walk Jaipur

Just because the staples of hipster footwear are Vans, Converse and Keds, doesn’t mean that’s all hipsters wear. It’s got a lot to do with an effortless look that says “I’m cool, but not self obsessed”. A shoe that reflects that vibe is the flat oxford. X-factor finalist Katie Waissel sports a pair similar to the Giraffe Walk Jaipur on a trip to Convent Garden in London. This great Giraffe Walk oxford also features other trends hipsters love including an earthy brown and a woven style.

Ellen Page and Ash Virgin

Actress Ellen Page of “Juno” fame, has the hipster look mastered.  Plaid, check; bandana, check; blazer, check; playful sneakers similar to the Ash Virgin, check! These Ash sneakers have a look reminiscent of Converse but they add a leather texture and buckles to the mix. She knows how to throw anything together and still look cool, a useful hipster trait (a useful trait for anyone, for that matter).  If you’re looking for more hipster inspiration check out Zooey Deschanel and Maggie Gyllenhaal – they’re a good place to start!

Tegan and Sara and Converse All Star

These talented twins have a fun, casual look with a hipster vibe. The sibling pair from Calgary, Canada have  been singing and playing guitar for years. An indie band that’s receiving some main stream attention, they just released a CD/DVD combo, “Get Along”. The band has some melancholy music about lost love but they recently had a funky danceable hit with “Feel It In My Bones” featuring DJ Tiesto. Check out their hip haircuts, faded tees, skinny jeans and of course, Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars. Every hipster worth their street cred owns a pair of Converse.

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