Jack Rogers – The perfect weekend accessory

May 24, 2011

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It’s time to swap out those dingy, depressing boots for the ultimate summer accessory, Jack Rogers sandals! For more than 50 years, Jack Rogers has created a legacy that symbolizes an effortless, chic, All-American style. Since their start in 1960, the Jack Rogers brand has been committed to making a broad range of high-quality, well-designed products, and affordable styles that have earned them a devoted flowing that spans generation to generation.

Jack Rogers’ most well-known luxury sandal, the Navajo, stepped into its rightful place as the American classic and became the footwear of choice for resort-chic dressing. Available in hundreds of color combinations, the handcrafted sandal adorn sun-kissed toes in resort towns such as Palm Beach, Newport and the Hamptons, and have been featured in the style pages of newspapers and magazines around the world.

Over the years, Jack Rogers has introduced a number of new style based of the iconic styling of the Navajo. The Zsa Zsa is the glamorous sister, featuring rhinestone embellishments that mirror the classic pattern. The Marbella takes the Navajo to new heights, with a 4 ¼” rope covered wedge and 1” platform; perfect for those casual evenings out. The Marbella Mid is the miniature version, with only a 2 ½” wedge and ¾” platform.

When we think summer, three things that come to mind; sun, beach, and Jack Rodgers!

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