Kate Makes Time for the Kids

March 18, 2010

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Kate Gosselin may be one of the newest “stars” to be chosen to compete on Dancing with the Stars and vie for the coveted disco ball trophy, but despite the long hours of practicing she still makes time for her eight kids. This week she made time for a photo opp of her pushing her kids around in a pint-sized four-wheeler, right before her appointment at the tanning salon (really, no joke). She’s definitely gotten trimmer, picked a flattering hairstyle (finally), but those archaic tennis shoes have got to go. Now, that’s she a fashion diva, she needs to keep up her looks, even when she’s at play. You can still be comfortable and stylish.

We have a few suggestions for you, Kate. The Tory Burch Thora thong slide sandals in black patent will take you from relaxing to nighttime activities–this classic is always a hit, no matter what you’re doing.

The Fitflop WalkStar in black is not only stylish, but it helps you work those calves, thighs and glutes. They’re super cute and will work with yoga pants, jeans, skirts and more.

If you really need to wear sneakers, at least have a little style, Kate. Juicy Couture Deanna sneaker in black canvas says “”Peace Love Juicy” all over it along with some hearts and is black and white, so it will match almost anything. And you might even be able to wear these while getting those dance moves down, when the glamour of wearing heels is replaced by blisters.

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