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September 27, 2012

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There are many different options when it comes to having a favorite style of shoe. Sometimes you may want to wear high heels, sometimes boots, and other times low heels! Depending on the situation, your style will change and grow. Check out how these different styles are incorporated into our favorite celebrities’ wardrobes.

Kate Spade Brown Boots

Kate Middleton

Tavie Tall Boot Chocolate Leather

Kate Middleton is not only a gorgeous royal, but she really knows her personal style. She is reserved, easy-going, and always classic. Her fashion influence will be remembered forever. She is seen here wearing basic brown boots. Kate Spade offers boots that are classic just like Kate’s.

Kate Spade Brown Pumps

Mischa Barton

Sippy Pump Brown Leather

Mischa Barton shows us here how to pair a neutral heel with a similar toned look. She mixes the colors so they aren’t all matching which breaks up the look and adds warmth to her skin. Her easy brown heels aren’t too high but just right, and we want our own pair of heels from Kate Spade shoes.

Kate Spade Black Pumps

Sofia Milos

Lagoon Platform Pump Black Leather

Sofia Milos is a lady who loves to wear a sky-high pair of daring heels. We love this look and love to try it out ourselves with Kate Spade pumps. She looks absolutely stunning and may we say, fairly hot? You can’t go wrong rocking a style like hers.

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