There’s no telling what Katy Perry will show up in these days (besides fiancée Russell Brand on her arm). But here’s a hint…latex! Apparently the singer of  the smash hit “California Gurls” loves latex, along with wigs (black, Koolaid blue, etc.) and very penciled-in eyebrows. And, rarely do you see her not wearing bright clothing.

She swears the stuff is comfortable because it sticks to you and makes you look thinner–keep believing that, Katy! She does admit they’re not the easiest things to take off. Putting them on must be special, too.

Sometimes, the girl can be demure. Like one day out of the year, or in this case, one night at the Costume Institute Gala Benefit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. She was girly, pink and unrecognizable as Katy Perry.

Her outfits scream 1980s. Well, to use they do. And nothing is more 80s than jelly shoes. They’re all about plastic charm. Melissa’s Campana III comes in gold, black and silver.

And Chloe’s gladiator jelly shoes are fashion-forward and definitely trend setters and the pastel colors of pool green and pink will match many of Katy’s outfits. Not that not matching has really ever stopped her.

And if she’s feeling she wants to blend in, Katy can rock them in black, too.

Photos courtesy Access Hollywood.

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