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May 5, 2011

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Models Camila Alves and Laura Ponte, and actress Natasha Yarovenko, were among the Beautiful People at tonight’s Lexus party at the Casino de Madrid in Spain during the Madrid Masters. And what a fashionable night! We said, OK, time to call on Tory Burch, empress of fine taste and new trends, for worthy shoe pairings. Sure thing, we found her new-look flats, wedges, and OMG sandals perfect deal-makers for every gown, dress, and pants creation at tonight’s magical event.

Camila Alves and Tory Burch Sibyll

Camila Alves poses with tennis player Feliciano Lopez, inspiring thoughts of the Tory Burch shoe that suits moonlit nights on yachts. We love the idea of this dress paired with the Tory Burch Sibyll Thong Sandal Navy Leather.

Natasha Yarovenko and Tory Burch Pamela

Actress Natasha Yarovenko kept it short and beautifully marine. Tory Burch keeps her wedges punchy and polished, so great with this dress! The Tory Burch Pamela Wedge Sandal Black Patent is all about slip-on style.

Laura Ponte and Tory Burch Reva

Laura Ponte was in white trouser mode and looked crisply smart in black and white offset by belt and festive buttons. Tory Burch knows when her Reva line of ballet flats can deliver corresponding proper accents. We award Laura’s fine look with the Tory Burch Reva Gold Leather Ballet Flat.

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