Lindsay Lohan’s New Beau

March 19, 2010

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Now that we’ve turned the clocks an hour ahead and the weather is warming up, it’s perfectly acceptable to break out the wedge sandals for Spring. We’re less than one week away from the official, calendar start of Spring. And Spring means that love is in the air–at least, for Lindsay Lohan. Ms. Lohan has fallen for super hot Dolce & Gabbana model Sam Webb, who lives in London. So London, get ready for a lot more Lindsay–she will be spending more time across the pond. Rumor has it that she might even move there! He did attend Paris Fashion Week with her–if that’s not love, then what is?!

And although Lindsay seems romantically ready for Spring, she’s still sporting her sexy, black Winter boots.

Lindsay, you need to get a pedicure and break out your wedges, girl. You can gain a little height and be closer to your man.

Claudia Ciuti’s Ester wedge in metallic grey leather is perfect for dinner and nights out clubbing. These wedges look awesome with all black. And we know how much you love black, Lindsay.

The gladiator wedge is the hot shoe for the Spring and Summer. Cynthia Vincent’s Roma in black leather is high-end fashion and over four inches of heel. It doesn’t get more deluxe than these–they’re comfortable for shopping trips and perfect for dining at an outdoor café in Paris after Fashion Week.

Our last recommendation to Lindsay would be something casual and cute, yet always in style–the espadrille with a modern twist of a wedge, Bettye Muller’s Katy in black fabric. They’re comfortable and are perfect for a romantic trip to Spain or Portugal (hint, hint, Sam). Whether you’re on the back of a moped or partying all night in Ibiza, these are the shoes you want to be wearing, Lindsay. Plus, you can get them in beige, denim and fuchsia, if you feel a little daring.

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