Mad for Metallics

June 27, 2012

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There’s a reason why the phrase “All that glitters is gold” exists – we have an undying infatuation with anything sparkly, anything glittery, anything that shines so bright it sets our hearts on fire. When it comes to accessorizing, we have a sweet spot for glitzy bronze, shimmery gold and flashy silver, and there’s no better way to showcase our love for trendy metallic blends than in our shoes. Pay attention to the footwear on these three stylish celebs – they know the perfect way to sport some sparkly.

Isabel Lucas and Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flats

Australian born, Isabel Lucas, might make headlines for her character on the infamous Aussie soap Home and Away, but the paparazzi flash bulbs went into a tizzy when she stepped onto the red carpet for Spike TV’s Scream Awards wearing a gold embellished shift dress and glittery heels, similar to the gold Tory Burch pumps.  Complimented by her glowing tan, Isabel’s flashy black and gold look demonstrates just how stunning a little glitz and glamor can be.  Whether you’re dressed up for a date night or having a girls day shopping spree, opt for metallic tones, like these gold Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flats, to turn your look from lackluster to radiant.

Zoey Deschanel and Tory Burch Eddie Glitter Ballet Flats

The supremely sweet and quirky Zoey Deschanel has a style so original, you can’t help but adore her every move.  At the Teen Choice Awards, the New Girl starlet’s black glitter-dipped twinklers had fashionistas pining for a pair. She paired the showstoppers, similar to the Tory Burch flats, with a floral black and tan dress. To take Zoey’s look from night to day without loosing of any dazzle, opt for these Tory Burch Eddie Glitter Ballet Flats, which are ladylike enough for daytime, but can be ready for a party anytime.

Charlize Theron and Tory Burch Aaden Ballet Flats

She’s the tall, stunning, leggy blonde that is impossible to miss. So when Charlize Theron arrives at the airport, she doesn’t need to wow the crowds in uber fashionable attire, her beauty takes care of that alone. But still, a girl’s got to look good, so Charlize throws on some fancy footwear, like the Tory Burch silver flats, to do the trick. She wears a gray blazer with a basic white tee, dark blue jeans and minimal jewelry, then adds a sparkling pair of sequined silver flats. Try these Tory Burch Aaden Ballet Flats to pull off the complete look. The style tip here is subtlety, when assembling your outfit make sure to pair neutral toned attire with all the dazzle you’re displaying.

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