As many of you may have heard by now, Kim Kardashian and ex-husband to be, Kris Humphries, are filing for divorce after only 72 days. That’s less than three months, but it’s certainly not the shortest marriage in Hollywood. She is one of many celebs who never quite made it to their one year anniversary. Love may not always be a fairytale, but, there are always shoes. Snazzy new shoes can brighten your mood and a cherished pair can bring together lost lovers. Well, that second part may only be true in Sex and the City, when Carrie reunites with her former fiance when trying to pick up a pricey pair of shoes she had left at the apartment he bought for them. Even still, shoe’s have been known to boost moods in the real world. Maybe these trendy celebs found the perfect shoes to fill the void of their imperfect men, maybe  not; either way, they look great!

Britney Spears and Juicy Couture Madras

Britney Spears may hold the title of shortest marriage in Hollywood. She was married in Las Vegas in 2004 to childhood friend Jason Alexander. The marriage lasted a whopping 55 hours before it was annulled. That same year, she married Kevin Federline. The marriage lasted nearly two years and resulted in two adorable little boys. Maybe one day, she’ll find a lasting love, but now I suppose, she will need to settle for being a gorgeous, rich, mother with fantastic shoes. Here, she performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live in a sparkly body suit and lace up, above the ankle boots, similar to the Juicy Couture Madras. We love the added touch of the tasseled laces on the Juicy Couture boots.

Renee Zellweger and Stuart Weitzman Platswoon

Actress Renee Zellweger met singer Kenny Chesney at a Tsunami relief benefit in 2005, four months later, the couple was married. Unfortunately, in just as many months, the marriage was annulled. Neither Kenny or Renee had been married before and neither has been married since. We hope both are happy however, we know both are still successful. Reese is a top paid actress who has won numerous awards and knows how to work a red carpet. Here she looks chic at the 16th annual Elle’s Women in Hollywood tribute. Her dress in fantastic and her snake print pumps, similar to the Stuart Weitzman Platsoon. The Stuart Weitzman boa pumps have the same texture and shine with a flair of their own.

Jennifer Lopez and B. Brian Atwood Fredrique

Jennifer Lopez has the longest lasting marriage on this list, totaling nine months. She married her backup dancer Chris Judd in 2001, and they separated when she started dating actor Ben Affleck. This was not her first marriage, she had been previously married to Ojani Noa and has most recently been married to Marc Anthony. She’s been through three marriages and an engagement to Ben Affleck that was called off right before the wedding. She keeps bouncing back though, singing, acting and making money. Here she shines in a gorgeous art deco dress and purple pumps similar to the B. Brian Atwood Fredrique. The pretty purple B. Brian Atwood pumps have a rich jewel toned color that’s simply stunning.

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