Who’s ready for the newest season of ABC Family series, “Pretty Little Liars”? Let’s hope you are, because it’s here! The teen mystery/drama focuses on five friends, one of whom is presumed to be dead. The mystery lies not only who killed her, if in fact, she was killed but who knows all the girls darkest secrets. You see, if there friend is really gone, how is someone tormenting them with their hidden pasts? The show isn’t just known for the drama though, there is not doubt that characters have some serious style. Do the actresses who play them have fantastic fashion senses too? You be the judge.

Ashley Benson and Stuart Weitzman Platswoon

Ashley Benson plays the former “chubby” nerd and presently popular, Hanna. Her friend Allison (the potentially deceased one) was the pretty popular one, until she disappeared and Hanna lost some weight. Some say this makes Hanna a suspect, but that’s all yet to be determined on the show. Here Ashley arrives at a charity event in Los Angeles in a lacy black mini dress paired with black satin pumps, similar to the Stuart Weitzman Platswoon. The satin Stuart Weitzman pumps are perfect for evening events.

Lucy Hale and Jeffrey Campbell Nightwalk

Lucy Hale plays studious, scandalous student Aria. Her life was pretty normal until her father had an affair and then, she had an affair with her teacher. It’s pretty crazy, soap opera-esque one might say. Here Lucy gets a little scandalous too in a gorgeous but risque dress with a sheer back and some funky wedges, similar to the Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk. These super high Jeffery Campbell shoes are a top seller.

Shay Mitchell and Pour La Victoire Portia

Shay Mitchell plays the sporty Emily on “Pretty Little Liars”. She’s still trying to figure out who she is, but what teenager isn’t. Though Emily may be confused, Shay is confident and shines in her sophisticated navy dress. She pairs the dress with nude pumps, similar to the Pour La Victoire Portia, at a red carpet style party. Nude pumps are available in a variety of pale and darker tan shades. This Pour La Victoire pair is one of many stylish options available at www.jildorshoes.com.

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