How many of you read your horoscope regularly? We do occasionally - it can be fun, even if our day isn’t filled with the riches Pyschic Sally promised. Horoscopes are only one part of astrology though. Entire books have been written on personality traits, compatibility and romance all stemming from ones sign. The sign of the moment is Sagittarius and if you were born between November 22nd and December 21st then you are one – Happy Birthday! Sagittarius people are described as independent, creative and philanthropic. Even if you don’t believe in astrology, these Sag stars certainly fit the description.

Scarlett Johansson and Diane Von Furstenberg Ilias

Scarlett is known for her beauty and talent and has had many major roles. She has also taken on parts in smaller creative and independent films – an ode to her artsy side perhaps. She is witty and confidant, two other Sagittarious traits and has done significant amounts of charity work. She is a global ambassador for Oxfam, is inolved with anti-poverty non-profit, ONE and is a major political advocate, encouraging young people to vote. Here Scarlett looks chic at the Mango Fashion Awards in a little black dress and strappy sandals, similar to the Diane Von Furstenberg Ilias. The tubular Diane Von Furstenberg pumps will add a funky futuristic vibe to a variety of looks.

Miley Cyrus and Minnetonka Tramper

A true Sagittarius, even Miley admits, she can’t be tamed. The young rebel is fun and adventurous and has been known to get into her fair share of trouble, but she’s just a teenager after all. Here Miley goes for a unique casual look combining Native American inspired pieces such as her turquoise chain and moccasin style boots, similar to the Minnetonka Tramper, with a distressed jean and t-shirt combo. Minnetonka is known for its quality and fantastic collection of moccasins.

Britney Spears and Fiorentini+Baker Bean Luggage

Britney Spears is another true Sag – wild and free. Easily bored, she switches from one look to the next, typical of a Sagittarius. Here Britney rocks a cute casual look perfect for falls warmer days. We love the contrast between her bright red bag and darker brown boots, similar to the Fiorentini+Baker Bean Luggage. This pair won’t let you down, Fiorentini-Baker makes durable boots which can brave the weather or the dance floor. Speaking of dance floors, in Sagittarius style, Britney has her own charity which helps children under long term hospital care live their dancing and artistic dreams.

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