How to keep feet warm in your shoes

Few people are willing to sacrifice fashion for utility these days. Even in the wintertime, when the weather can get extremely cold, women especially can still be seen braving dipping temperatures with their favorite open toed shoes and ill suited footwear. For the most part this is not recommended – risking hypothermia and frostbite and putting your health in danger is never a good trade off for fashion. So how can one keep her feet warm throughout the winter months?

Basics in warm winter shoes

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The basic rule of thumb is to keep your feet dry. Moisture will cause your feet to get even colder, so make sure your feet are protected from any wetness. Also choose shoes that can allow your feet to breathe properly – perspiration that is trapped in the shoe can have the same effect as any water that can leak in. An excellent solution is the Cole Haan Air Luna Clog that is entirely waterproof and lined with breathable fabric, which wicks away any excess condensation.

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Don’t forget to wear socks. In mild conditions, this is a simple solution that can work with many designer shoes, not just sneakers and boots. Light, thin socks can match with your favorite Diane Von Furstenburg Empire Black Clogs and 7 For All Mankind Paris wedges. Nice wool socks are great for wicking moisture and keeping heat in, making them the perfect companion for your shoes and boots on especially cold days. They’re especially warming and fashionable with some Golden Goose Star Zip boots.

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Avoid tightening your shoes too much, as doing so can have negative effects on your circulation. While you may like to have your feet fit snugly within your shoes, the danger of you cutting off blood flow to your feet is all too real. Proper circulation will allow for your feet to stay warmer, and especially so if your shoes are properly insulated. So if you have a pair of lace ups, like the Tory Burch Duck Boot, remember to cut your feet some slack.

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Find shoes with insulation. Some shoes already come with excellent insulation, sometimes even making socks unnecessary. Among the most popular is the ubiquitous Ugg® boot, which boasts a leather exterior and an interior that is lined with sheepskin. This makes for an incredibly soft fit that keeps your feet warm no matter what conditions you face. The Juicy Couture snowzip is also a very cute tall boot for those who brave the snow. But from smaller shoe boots to clogs, a wide variety of shoes these days are designed to keep warmth in, and moisture out.

Winter weather conditions vary from place to place, and region to region, so use your experience and common sense to determine what kind of shoes will make it through the winter. Keeping your feet warm will make it easier to endure the cold, keep yourself healthy, and definitely happy.

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