In the wake of the Justin Bieber paternity scandal (a 20 year old woman claims he is the father of her four month old), it makes us think of all the celebs out there who have been involved in scandals. It’s quite an impressive list and by no means does a scandal equal the end of a career. Some scandals even raise your average actor to super star status due to the media attention. When we think scandals, a lot of us may think of Michael Jackson or Charlie Sheen but we can’t forget, there are plenty of “scandalous” ladies out there too. Just because they may have been in jail, it doesn’t mean they don’t know how to dress – they need to know how to look good in court, after all.

Madonna and Kate Spade Chad

The scandal queen of the early nineties was undoubtedly Madonna. The “Material Girl” got the Pope peeved during her Blonde Ambition tour and Toronto police threatened to arrest her for indecency. This didn’t set her back one bit; she became even more popular and is now a music icon who pops out hits and has a fashion line with her daughter, Lourdes. Here, she is seen in a colorful coral dress and strappy snake print pumps at the Amfar Awards. Her shoes may not be suitable for everyday wear but the Kate Spade Chad is a similar, chic shoe. The Kate Spade pump features stunning suede and a snake print.

Britney Spears and Steve Madden Marvilis

Britney Spears wasn’t just A pop superstar in the late 90’s/early 2000’s she was THE pop superstar. She was pretty, young, rich, and dating Justin Timberlake. But then, they broke up. As you may know, she then married Keven Federline, had two kids, and shaved her head. She spiraled downwards resulting in a conservator-ship putting her father in charge of her life. Now however, she’s made a fantastic come back. She seems happy and healthy and looks lovely here at her son’s baseball game. She wears a summery printed dress and tan leather wedge sandals, similar to the Steve Madden Marvilis. These great Steve Madden wedges are a fantastic cute but casual shoe choice – Britney wears the style well.

Lindsay Lohan and Gastone Lucioli 3081

Actress Lindsay Lohan has been in and out of court a lot lately with DUI charges, and violating parole. She’s had plenty of family drama and time spent in rehab, and jail. It’s sad to see the former star of movies like “The Parent Trap” and “Mean Girls” go down like this, but we think she can pick herself back up – others have, after all. Here she looks like a normal twenty-something after a night out with friends. She rocks a fitted black ensemble with a funky jacket and nearly knee-high black boots, similar to the Gastone Lucioli 3081. This gorgeous Gastone Lucioli pair is one of many tall suede boots that can be found on our site, so check  it out and choose your favorite style.

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