You always hear things like, “blonde’s have more fun but brunettes are smarter.” We don’t actually believe either of these statements is true, but how about we (unscientifically) test the relationship between hair color and fashion savvy? Could there be a correlation? We highly doubt it, but you decide! Let’s use these three ladies as representatives of their ‘color group’, we’ll call them celebrity ambassadors.

Hayden Panettiere and Stuart Weitzman Platswoon

This blonde bombshell is perfectly dressed for the “Scream 4″ premiere. Hayden is known for her sweet roles in shows like “Heroes” and movies like “Remember the Titans” but here she looks like a stylish little devil. I love her funky sleeves, they remind me of horns or bat wings! She pairs her trendy dress with sexy satin pumps, similar to the Stuart Weitzman Platswoon. The Stuart Weitzman pumps should be a wardrobe staple, they look great and match nearly anything.

Anne Hathaway and Michael Kors Vivian

Hayden is a fierce contender, but she’s got some stiff competition from this lovely brunette. You can usually find Anne playing a bright, sweet girl on the big screen and it’s kind of how I imagine her in real life; she does seem quite darling and intelligent too, don’t you think? Here she looks  like a doll ( a very fashionable doll) at the “Love and Other Drugs” opening night party. Her dress has gorgeous lace detailing and the ruffles add some volume to the form fitting dress. Her nude patent leather slingbacks, similar to the KORS by Michael Kors Vivian, perfectly compliment the outfit. Nude shoes are really big right now, I think I might snatch up a pair of these fantastic KORS Michael Kors wedges.

Christina Hendricks and Tory Burch Eddie

We had to include a fiery red head and Christina Hendricks certainly qualifies. The Mad Men Star plays with pops of color here at “The Company” featuring the New York Philharmonic on Broadway. I think the SAG award winner looks stunning and we love how her hair compliments her outfit! She keeps her blazer and denim on the darker side, but her red hair, green clutch and blue flats, similar to the Tory Burch Eddie. Some might call these Tory Burch flats summer shoes, but why restrict these spunky blue’s to just one season? Cute is still cute, all year long!

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