Many actresses are known for their classic Hollywood glamour, but singers have a style of their own. They can go glam, girly or edgy, no matter what type of music they make. You have singers with wild fashion senses like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj and you have musicians with more subdued styles like Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift. You can’t always tell what type of music they make by the way they dress, but you can sometimes get clues. Gwen Stefani often dresses like a rock star, and Madonna screams edgy pop. What can you tell about these singers based on their wardrobes?

Willow Smith and Steve Madden Fraankie

Young pop star and child of celebrity royalty, Willow Smith has a fiercely independent style and she’s only eleven. She’s not afraid to take risks and she always shines. Willow is seen here at a photo shoot before shaving her head and dying her hair in blinged out biker boots similar to the Steve Madden Fraankie. These Steve Madden boots are edgy, just like Willow’s fashion sense, and her music. From her fantastical style sense, you could guess her music would be wild, edgy and bold – lots of fun, just like “Whip My Hair”.

Taylor Swift and Kate Spade Heather

Here Miss. Swift is seen leaving Starbucks in a cute, casual outfit that consists of a loose layered top, skinny jeans, shades and feminine flats similar to the Kate Spade Heather. We love these golden cap toe Kate Spade slipons – they’re effortless and glamorous. What does Taylor’s girly glam style say about her singing? Well, nothing, of course, but if it could it might imply that her songs are sweet, sad, generally emotional or romance oriented. With songs including “Tear Drops on My Guitar” and “You Belong with Me”, that doesn’t seem so far off.

Corrine Bailey Rae and Diane Von Furstenburg Bang

British songstress Corrine Bailey Rae has made a recent comeback after a nearly three year hiatus following her husband, fellow musician Jason Rae’s, death. She first become popular in 2005 with smooth songs like “Put Your Records On” and has sold over five million albums worldwide. Here Corrine is seen at a benefit concert hosted by Mary J. Blige in a blush colored mini-dress and nude pumps similar to the Diane Von Furstenburg Bang. These stunning Diane Von Furstenburg pumps are available in several colors including a bold, beautiful orange. From Corrine’s simple, chic red carpet style in neutral tones with soft fabric and a hint of sparkle one might guess that her music is down to earth, smooth and spirited.

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