Spice Up Beach Outfits With Tory Burch Cameron Thong Sandals

April 25, 2013

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Tory Burch Cameron Orange Patent Flip Flops will make you stand out from the rest of the beach crowd.

Summer is fast approaching. Soon the days of sweaters and allergies will recede and more abundant sunshine will take over. Beaches will open back up welcoming all patrons to their sandy shores while pools and camps will provide a safe haven for students who are on vacation from school. Of course, any summer event requires a great outfit to handle the elements especially at the beach. From designer shoes to types of skirts, here are four outfits for perfect beachwear. The key for all four of these is to complement them with designer flip flops such as Tory Burch Cameron Thong Sandals.

1. The Sundress

Rising in popularity in the 1960’s thanks to Lilly Pulitzer, this outfit is an excellent choice to match up with the stylish Tory Burch flip flops. Lighter and more comfortable than a traditional dress or blouse, this is an excellent decision to allow breathability and movement while walking along the shore. A good color to choose can be a sandy yellow or a bright pink. The brown shade Tory Burch incorporated into these luxurious Sand Patent colored sandals is a great complement for numerous colors whether you are at a wine tasting or family reunion!

The neutral tone of these Tory Burch Cameron Sand Patent Flip Flops is the perfect canvas for a bright yellow or pink sundress.

2. The Shirtdress

This is another perfect selection to match a pair of Tory Burch’s black leather flip flops. Consisting of materials like cotton and silk, these dresses often have a looser fit.  Since these outfits require a belt or something similar, black footwear will tie together this outfit. While comfort for your feet is important especially at the shore, this dress offers a well rounded look to make every aspect admired.

Tory Burch Cameron Black Patent Flip Flops are perfect for shoes that are stylish yet comfortable.

3. The Cocktail Dress

A more luxurious choice for any type of beach party. The cocktail dress comes in a variety of styles and compositions but usually they tend to hang low and constrict at the waist. Heels are ill advised since they restrict movement even more so this is another perfect outfit to combine with a pair of beach flip flops for any gala openings or celebrations.

Tory Burch Cameron Bleach Patent Flip Flops will make your outfit pop out while still maintaining comfort.

4. The Wrap Dress

A perfect blend of class and comfort, the wrap dress is the ultimate accessory for any beach party. By combining this with these casual yet elegant designer sandals, this outfit provides the ability to accentuate curves and provide a loose fit to move around any social setting. Made popular in the 1970s, this dress is composed of more traditional materials but can be found in shantung or even cotton. With a wide open seam, this is a perfect dress to buffer the elements and pair it well with the fashionable footwear you have.

These orange leather flip flops from Tory Burch are a must for beach trips and summer vacations!

Shoes can say a lot about you. The style, the way you wear them, the color and other elements can speak volumes about you. These all emphasize the importance or coordinating outfits especially for beach trips. Based on the event at the shore, having a pair of high fashion sandals or flip flops will do wonders. Luxury flip flops can allow a long walk down the shore or prevent exhaustion after a long round of mingling. Follow these four tips to have an outfit that is sure to make this summer fun and fashionable!

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