Splash Away Rainy Weather with Hunter Boots

March 5, 2010

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Rainy weather and melting snow makes it difficult to keep your composure. It’s hard to feel stylish with sopping wet shoes and jeans. Thankfully, Hunter Boots are a fashionable alternative to suffering in inclement weather.

The minimalistic style of Hunter Boots makes them suitable for any outfit, as dressed up or eclectic as you’d like them to be. They also come in a variety of colors, so you can really plan your outfit no matter what the day will be like.

Nicole Richie kept it fashion forward without suffering cold weather as she stepped out in her own Hunter Boots, making sure her feet stayed dry and warm. She wore a high pair of the original style, and it worked with her outfit quite nicely! She could have gone with a red or purple pair for a splash of color, but cold weather is probably more suitable for dark colors anyway.

Nicole seems to have decided to forgo a pair or Wellies, which would have really helped keep her warm. Sometimes jeans don’t cut it! She looks like a pair of wool socks would have helped, but, maybe next time!

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