Fashion trends are cyclical, they just keep on coming back. They go in and out of style  and are mixed, matched and modernized from decade to decade. If you take a look at today’s fashion, you’ll see bits and pieces of the past – platform pumps and bell bottom jeans of the seventies, neon colors and crop tops from the eighties. Recently though, the nineties have come back and not just the fashion, the movies too. Titanic is back and better than ever and Star Wars Episode I has made it’s way from 1999 to 3D.  It’s strange because they don’t really seem that long ago. If you saved your nineties styles, you’re in luck, because they are trendy once again. Check out these cutting edge fashionista’s and their nineties favorites.

Miley Cyrus and Fiorentini+Baker Eli

Miley Cyrus is wearing all sorts of nineties trends here from her grunge style flannel top and biker boots to her bustier and high waisted, acid wash cutoffs. Our favorite part? Her boots, similar to the Fiorentini+Baker Eli. These Fiorentini+Baker biker boots are gorgeous – just the right height, classically styled, edgy and clean.  We’re not sure which is more definitive of the nineties, her top or her shorts, but we do know they’re both back in style now. Check your closets for leftover flannel ladies.

Rihanna and Giraffe Walk Jaipur

Singer and first time actress Rihanna is spotted leaving her New York City Hotel wearing loads of denim. She wears skinny jeans, a denim button up and a denim corset style top in similar shades. Her creamy golden oxfords, similar to the Giraffe Walk Jaipur pair well with the denim and her blonde hair. The Giraffe Walk flats are incredibly comfy and breezy – ideal for warmer weather. Rihanna also brings back the fanny pack, a nineties favorite. It sure is convenient. How many of you once owned a fanny pack? C’mon, admit it – we all did.

Vanessa Hudgens and Diane Von Furstenberg Opal

Actress and singer, Vanessa Hudgens chooses denim overalls as her beach coverup. At first, we didn’t love the look, but we realized how convenient overalls are for the beach. They cover just as well as a t-shirt or dress, slip on and off easily and are totally comfy. Vanessa pairs her suit/overall combo with brown wedge sandals similar to the Diane Von Furstenberg Opal. These hot Diane Von Furstenberg heels feature wood and burlap for a casual, chic look that’s perfect for beach days and nights on the town.

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