Style Alert for Women: Gladiator Sandals and Flip Flops Are Here to Stay

April 2, 2009

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Let’s face it – gladiator sandals and flip-flops have never really had a chance to go away, have they? Gladiators – last year’s must haves for the spring and summer are still burning up the streets to the designer aisles, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop. And flip-flops – EVERYONE needs a pair of flip-flops, as it wouldn’t really be summer without them. Why are these trends positioned to be some of the most enduring styles of shoes for the near future, and how have they evolved?


Blowfish Lawless Whiskey Suede

The Gladiator style is nothing new – they’ve been around for about a decade (if you don’t consider actual gladiator footwear in the old Greek and Roman times) but it was only in the last two years when it returned to the public conscious – thanks to celebrities of course. Everyone from Mary Kate Olson to Gwyneth Paltrow to Elle MacPherson has been spotted on the red carpet to the small and big screens in them, and although they were initially met with skepticism in 2007, by summer of 2008, designers were able to breathe some life into them, churning out many more alluring designs featuring memorable colors, intricate straps, and detailing.

And their work isn’t over. This year’s Gladiator sandals are sleeker, more refined, and offer even a wider range of looks, from simple to unabashedly adorned. Fierce and dramatic, these are the perfect attention getting sandals for the summer, and with the growing variety, there are many different styles that can reflect your individuality more than ever before. Gladiators make sandals for women no longer feel generic, and are also no longer over the top – they’re hitting a rhythm now as the right statement to make while still enjoying an open toe, summer shoe experience.

Will the gladiator ever overtake the ubiquitous summer flip-flop? Probably not, but it’s like comparing apples to oranges. These slip on sandals are just too convenient, too affordable and lately too cute to ever write off. What other shoes would let you stroll in style, fearlessly walk around in the rain, across sandy beaches, let you slip them on whenever you need a break from less comfortable shoes, can be thrown into your travel bag and even washed in the sink?

Colored sandals


Jack Rogers Sandals Navajo Mid Wedge Black Leather

The flip-flop was originally viewed as a cheap, durable all-wear option for the beach – I think most of us can remember getting some for our first beach trip. And as adults, the concept isn’t much different, but over the years, designers have elevated the classic flip-flop into a real fashion statement, as well as brought a new level of comfort through outside-the-box materials. Today, flip-flops come in many designs, from flat to wedge, use materials ranging from rubber to leather, and some even have fleece footbeds. Major designers have made their own signature flip-flops because they know their customers are asking for it, and as the trends change, we’re certain to see them incorporated in the flip-flops of the future.

There’s so much potential in gladiator sandals and flip-flops as enduring styles for women. They’re incredibly fun, comfortable, and perfect for the spring and summer seasons when it’s time to give your heels and toes some well deserved sun and air. Check out the Gladiator Sandals and Thongs and Flip-Flops sections on Jildor to get a glimpse of what the hottest items are, and it’ll be clear why these shoes haven’t gone out of style, and why they’ll remain in our closets for a long time to come.

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