Style is an exact science – it’s the perfect balance of colors and shapes, fits and flares, prints and patterns. It’s just not about the dress or the top and bottom, you need to think about your hair, accessories and of course, shoes. When done perfectly or, to a “T”, it can be stunning, unique, classic and so much more. It’s rare to find stars who have style down to a “t”, but these celebrities who all have “T” names certainly have at least one perfectly styled look, because they’re wearing them below. How well do you think these ensembles are put together?

Taylor Momsen and Fiorentini+Baker Bean

Gossip girl actress and singer, Taylor Momsen certainly has her grungy look down to a “T”, and only a tee! The star is known for her pantsless looks paired with tall boots like the Fiorentini+Baker Bean. These multi-buckle Fiorentini+Baker boots aren’t quite as edgy as Taylor’s, but that’s probably a good thing. She’s also got super long hair, probably because she just doesn’t care to ever cut it. That’s basically her look, not caring. Which is cool for a rock star we suppose.

Taylor Swift and Giraffe Walk Jaipur

Here Taylor Momsen’s polar opposite,  Taylor Swift is spotted strolling around in her favorite footwear, oxfords, similar to the Giraffe Walk Jaipur. She must have dozens of pairs both flat and with heels in a variety of colors. The classic style looks cute on her, she clearly knows what works. The hand woven Giraffe Walk oxfords are a great, natural take on oxfords, perfect for warmer weather. Taylor sports a deep, darker red which works well with her rosy complexion and pairs perfectly with neutrals like brown and denim. Taylor has truly mastered her simple, classic, feminine style and we find ourselves loving nearly everything she wears.

Tyra Banks and French Sole Passport

After nearly twenty years in the modeling world one would think Tyra Banks has some fashion savvy; one would be right! She knows how to dress up and how to dress down. Here she’s seen after a late night dinner and even her ‘casual’ look is cute! We love her cropped silk pants and quilted metallic flats, similar to the French sole Passport. The French Sole collection features cool concept shoes that are designed for comfort and a great fit.

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