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July 19, 2012

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Summer’s only about halfway over, and there’s still plenty of time to enjoy some well deserved sun bathing and beach time. And just because we’ve experienced record breaking temperatures doesn’t mean your feet have to bear the brunt of the burden. We’ve occasionally given flip flops a tough break in the fashion world, but nobody can deny that they’re comfortable, super convenient, and amazingly easy to pair with any outfit. Who says flip flops are simple beachwear? Go treat yourself to a pedicure this weekend, liberate your toes to the fresh air, and take a page from some of Hollywood’s hottest ladies.
Tory Burch Black Thin Enamel Flip Flops

Kim Kardashian

Tory Burch Thin Enamel Flip Flop Black

So perhaps you can’t afford to buy your beau a $750,000 Lamborghini for his birthday like Ms. Kardashian did for Kanye. It doesn’t mean you can’t match her style! While Kim’s lifestyle and opulence may be a tad overwhelming, even she can appreciate the simple complement of a great flip flop. Here we see Kim still looking classy after a flight to Los Angeles. She sports a black jacket, black purse, and ripped blue jeans. To finish the look, she adds a wrap scarf and a pair of simple black Tory Burch flip flops to show off her perfectly buffed toenails. Join Kim in proving that flip flops can break beyond the beach with a pair of Tory Burch black thin enamel flip flops.
Tory Burch Black Patent Flip Flops

Halle Berry

Tory Burch Miller Black Patent Flip Flops

Since she’s one of Hollywood’s sexiest women, Halle Berry has managed to adapt her fashion sense and style to every situation, from bold, bright swimsuit ads and short, highlighted locks to little black dresses with long flowing tresses. But she can’t help but concede to the value  of letting your feet be free in Tory Burch shoes. Here she is pictured wearing a long, flowing black dress with matching handbag and a pair of black flip flops with a small silver seal on the thong. Match Halle’s style to your own summer dresses with a pair of the very similar Tory Burch Black Patent Flip Flops.
Tory Burch Thin Enamel Beach Flip Flops

Nicole Scherzinger

Tory Burch Thin Enamel Bleach Flip Flop

Nicole Scherzinger has built a successful career relying on her alluring looks and provocative style, not to mention wildly catchy pop music. So this summer loosen up your buttons and take a cue from Ms. Scherzinger’s sexy style. Here we see her dressed down but ever beautiful. Nicole donned a ripped tee-shirt, pair of white capris, and a light grey sweatshirt wrapped casually around her waist. She manages to make casual look perfectly stylish, finishing off the look with a pair of white Tory Burch flip flops. This summer, embrace the casual look with a pair of Tory Burch Thin Enamel Beach Flip Flops.

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