Supermodel unveils new airline uniforms

February 24, 2011

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Yesterday’s doings in Sydney had Elle MacPherson feeling up in the air in a fantasy role as Captain Elle. It was for great fashion purpose, the stunning launch of new unforms for the staff of Virgin Blue. Uniforms for cabin crew, ground crew and pilots were shown in red, black and white that say “at your service” with great flair. The new-look designer is Juli Grbac. Our design is to show wonderful matching shoes that are also ready for takeoff.

Model Elle MacPherson was very much the Flight Captain in a crisp white shirt and attractive bottom-flared pants. Amalfi by Rangoni is one fitting shoe that always travels first-class. We would give Elle the Amalfi by Rangoni Intesa Black Microfiber for long-distance comfort and style.

Steve Madden knows that shoes for nightclubs and gala red carpets are not for every one at every time,. That is why he has a darling of a day shoe, giving it simple lines and modest heel height. This shoe complements the red dress perfectly. It’s the Steve Madden Ulltra Black Patent.

Australian Designer Julie Grbac is the creative force behind the uniforms. She did not waste the opportunity to wear some attractive red and blue herself to the launch. Kork- Ease Sandals with popular chunky heels are an easy match for Julie’s outfit. This is the Kork-Ease Dawn Sandal Tan Leather–lending a touch of vintage and a hint of bohemian chic.

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