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Sofia Vergara

When we think of Christmas Eve, we think swanky parties with friends and co-workers. Staying up late, dancing and drinking eggnog sounds pretty fabulous to us, but what to wear? Cocktail dresses, of course, and classic heels. Go with some sexy satin or spice it up with metallics, just make sure you’re comfy too.
Satin Heels
Scarlett [...]

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Lady-like shoes are great, but when you want to turn up the attitude, nothing does it better than a few good ol’ studs or spikes. Contrary to the weaponry connotation of spikes, studded shoes look less like killer contraptions and more like chic badass footwear. Hardware is a great way to get shine without looking [...]

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Hot tamales! The hilarious Sofia Vergara of Modern Family, Eva Mendes of 2Fast 2 Furious, and Jessica Alba of Fantastic Four, are just some of the gorgeous Hispanic women gracing the big (or little) screen these days! Let’s see them at their finest, and what they’re rockin’ on their feet.
Sofia Vergara and Michael Kors Ankle [...]