The Enduring Elements of Great Women’s Shoes

July 14, 2009

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How to buy women shoes online?

Choosing the right shoe is based on a combination of many things, not just what’s the most recognizable, or the most trendy. Such things come and go, but our feet are with us forever. So women should always be thinking about what the important things to look for are in a shoe – any shoe – whether you’re looking for the perfect boot, sneaker, pump, sandal, or flat. Truly good shoes have a balance of features that will make sure you will always be coming back for them – whether you want to find shoes online or prefer to go to shops, make sure to ask the following questions when deciding on the perfect shoe for you.

What do I need them for?

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Well, you need shoes – of course! But asking yourself what kind of activity you intend to tackle with a new pair of shoes can help you narrow down the many choices out there. For example, you’re not going to get any kind of open toe shoe for work – if you want to make a good impression in the boardroom, keep those toes covered.

For parties and events, you’ll want some open toed high heel pumps or sandals that will make you feel like a princess. And during times when we have to be practical, we can still do it in style – having a nice pair off boots for the rain, or a trendy pair of sneakers for walking can be absolute essentials.

What brands are on my list?

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Whether you’re going back to an old standby or have just heard about a new brand making waves across the country, knowing what brands speak to you is important. Certain brands have a funkier image, others more elegant, some utilitarian. Brands can be classics, or developing a new reputation – whatever their status, keep track of what are the ones that speak to you, capture your attention, and if you’ve worn them before, make you feel like a million. But don’t just rely on the fact that you’ve heard of a brand before – remember to do some research or try them on before buying.

Style or comfort?

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The natural thing to consider when thinking about brands is – do I choose style over comfort, or vice versa?

This is a very personal choice, and either can be the most important element for a woman. Some shoes are smoking hot, but aren’t the best to walk in, let alone stand in them at a premiere. But when the cameras are snapping, we’ll endure it.

But for the day to day, we may lean towards comfort, as not everyone will be paying attention to the shoes you’re wearing. Sometimes, style and comfort do find a balance, and we all know that we end up picking multiple pairs of those shoes!

What can I afford?

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Though it might be a hard question to ask, it’s absolutely essential these days. While treating yourself to fabulous shoes is essential, scaling back doesn’t have to be painful – and with so many great brands that offer a wide range of expensive to affordable shoes, you can still find stylish solutions. But yes, ask yourself what you can afford right now – and whatever bracket you end up in, you’d be surprised to find some incredible bargains that still make you look like you’re ready for the catwalk.

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