The Kardashians Take Over Fashion Week

February 18, 2010

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Hot designer brand Bebe has teamed up with the Kardashian sisters, Courtney, Kim and Chloe, for a new line called the Kardashian-Bebe Collection. This week, the line made its debut during Fashion Week. The collaboration has resulted in their fans being able to dress like their favorite divas. There were very edgy pieces and other pieces are very comfortable. And it’s all very affordable, shockingly, since the Kardashians like to live the high life. You can look just like a Kardashian, at a quarter of the price. The collection hit the stores last week and has apparently almost all sold out. It rumored the girls will be launching their own jewelry line in April.

Kim was the only sister to make the big event in NYC and she sported a leather corset-like top over a hooded grey cotton dress that was stunning. She graced the catwalk like a true professional and paired the outfit with short, black leather gloves and simple, yet stylish, black pumps that looked a lot like Pelle Moda’s Wrigley in black patent leather.

Since this is a Spring line, we think she should have worn something more like Bettye Muller’s Katy Espadrilles in black fabric –they’re not only smart and stylish but very comfortable to walk the catwalk or long shopping trips (which the Kardashian girls know too well).

It’s a new twist on a fashion favorite.

To view more photos and a video of the Bebe-Kardashian show, go to Amy Grindhouse’s site

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