Have you ever seen a style that you think is cool, unique, fun or interesting? Maybe you’ve spotted a really funky dress or edgy shoe that would be difficult for the average person to pull off? Somehow celebs manage to make it work – just look at Lady Gaga! Miss Gaga has worn everything from latex to leftovers (remember the infamous meat dress) and she is lauded for her style. Here are some interesting looks from your favorite stars, do you think you could rock them?

Rihanna and Marc Jacobs 625970

Let’s start simple. This look is different, but not insanely difficult to pull off. We’ve seen it before, but it’s not a common look among everyday folk. At first glance, Rihanna looks like she is about to hit the gym. She’s spotted in Miami after lunch with friends rocking a white tee and athletic shorts, but look closer. She pairs her sporty look with several accessories not fit for fitness including hoop earrings, multiple bangles and chains and strappy sandals similar to the Marc Jacobs 625970. Pair these Marc Jacobs pumps with your favorite skimpy sport shorts to snag her look.

Katy Perry and Kate Spade Dune

Katy is spotted headed back to a London hotel after dinner with friends wearing a skin tight PVC mini dress. The dress features both the U.S. and British Flags, likely in honor of her then husband, British comedian, Russell Brand. It’s a great way to show your national pride but certainly not an everyday look. Nonetheless, she looks adorable and pairs the dress with mary-jane peep toes similar to the Kate Spade Dune. We love the cut out sides on these Kate Spade pumps.

Lady Gaga and Stuart Weitzman Platswoon

Lady Gaga stops by the launch party for the HTC Sensation XL in a hair-raising ensemble. Well, just plain hairy is more like it. The neck line is ultra low, but we wouldn’t call it sexy, per se, simply revealing. It’s hard to use the word sexy when describing a dress that looks like “The Addams Family’s” Cousin It. Yes, its hairy and scary and paired with an equally hairy hat but it’s what we expect from Lady Gaga. Her wardrobe is an art form, each outfit unique and some quite shocking. She does pair the dress with lovely shoes though, similar to the Stuart Weitzman Platswoon. These Stuart Weitzman shoes feature a soft patent leather which provides a nice sheen as opposed to a high shine standard patent leather.

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