Tory Burch Sandals Complete the Outfit Every Time

April 14, 2010

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Wedge sandals are fashionable and give you a lift–you’ll be standing above the crowd literally and figuratively when you put a pair on. The platform wedge is also extremely comfortable. The platform wedge made its appearance in the 1930s and 1940s and has been made over many times–in the 1970s it was hip to wear cork wedges with bellbottoms and maxi dresses. Today, they’re still stylish and contemporary–you can sport them with short dresses, jeans, short- or knee-length skirts or just about anything that’s not too long so you don’t trip. Go retro and pair them with a shortened maxi dress, a jumpsuit or cropped jeans for the uber French look. They’re street savvy, hip enough for late nightclubs and the shoe to wear if you’re dating a tall guy and want to see eye to eye with him. This shoe is daring for a tall girl, but most girls don’t care and just wear them with an attitude.

Many shoe companies roll out the wedge sandal in spring, but no one does it quite like Tory Burch. The Tory Burch Wedge Thora is the one shoe you really can’t live without–it’s stylish, available in a variety of colors and materials, comfortable and will make your feet look amazing (and a pedicure will up your hot factor even more). Thora Sandals all have a 2 ¾-inch cork heel and 1 ¼ platform, the detailed “T” logo and a cushioned foot bed for superior comfort–they come in seven different styles with thongs made of leather in black, pewter or white bone, and patent leather in black, orange or purple. You can go with the black and know it will match everything or pick up multiple pairs/colors for versatility. When warm weather hits, they are the shoe–wedge sandals are glamorous and truly irresistible.

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